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See Your Bathroom In A Whole New Natural Light!

By design, bathrooms are more of a functional space rather than a design opportunity. Even so, many homeowners are seeking a move to more luxurious bathroom designs that emphasize a “bright & airy” ambiance. When asked, many people decide to renovate their bathroom because the space feels dated when compared to the rest of the house. Whether it’s out-of-style fixtures, a small tub or shower, limited space, or dim lighting, bathrooms can have an overwhelming sense of old. But, before you start a major renovation, maybe all your bathroom really needs is a little more natural light. 

Natural light has the unique ability to animate your space, making it appear to come alive. As light reflects off your walls and floor, it changes the look and color of your space.

Unlike artificial light, natural light is a clean, white light that brings out the true colors of your walls and décor, while also creating the appearance of a larger, more relaxing room. Daylight is powerful in that it helps us maintain our health and well-being while decreasing our dependency on electricity.

Why Is Natural Light & Fresh Air Beneficial For Your Bathroom?


Your bathroom skylight will be installed to look upwards, maintaining a high level of privacy while adding natural light.


Roof windows let you expel excess moisture and return cool, crisp air through your skylight to help bathroom circulatation.

Reduced Electric Bill

You  can now turn off the artificial lights you have in your bathroom and enjoy the free natural light from the outside instead.

Enhanced Design

Instead of the harsh overhead light, your skylight pulls in clean light that enhances the design in your bathroom.

Look At These Transformations..!

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We couldn't be happier with the brighter light that we now have in our kitchen. The fact that it's a quality energy efficient skylight makes it all the better. Chris did the install. So far no problems...
Recommending Southwest Skylights for service and sales! Mitchell Cole, the owner is clearly well experienced and could not have been nicer in helping save my skylight from a roofing mishap. Please...
These guys have been very helpful in
supporting multiple skylights in our
old house over the years.

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