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Commercial Skylights

Few people want to work or transact business in a gloomy, artificially lit workspace. It is beneficial for humans to have light and sunny settings to keep their spirits high and productivity at a maximum. Office and commercial spaces, especially in industrial settings, can be very closed off from mother nature. Installing skylights in any office can increase energy efficiency, cut costs, and create a work friendly environment for your employees and customers to enjoy. Southwest Skylights has worked to become one of the most trusted installers of skylights in the Dallas area. With over 30 years of experience, we service all of the DFW area. We are proud to be designated as a VELUX Skylight Specialist.

Dome Unit Skylights

A variety of classic unit skylights with the VELUX quality You trust for affordable alternatives to custom skylighting systems. Unit Skylights offer a wide variety of choices. Unit Skylights are available in standard units, as well as highly energy-efficient, hurricane-rated, ESFR-rated, circular, and glass glazed units.

Glass Unit Skylights

Glass Unit Skylights are an economical solution for visually expanding interior spaces with natural Light. VELUX Commercial offers competitively priced and innovative glass unit skylight options to instantly transform any space with various streamlined, elegant and durable daylighting solutions.

Structural Skylights

An innovative series for custom skylight designs. Designed for easy installation and long-lasting good looks, VELUX Commercial’s structural skylight structures are available with a broad range of quality glass glazing options and versatile design possibilities for a fully customized configuration.

Dome Unit Skylights

Dome skylights from Southwest Skylights offer improved resistance to winds while allowing for deflection of sunlight and rain. The thermal formed bubble “dome” creates an added measure of depth to your building while allowing for excellent light exposure. As the sun rises and sets the dome shape allows it to capture sunlight from all angles. This traditional style of skylight has withstood the test of time and has become an industry staple. The styles available are listed below. Please reach out to Southwest Skylights directly for more information.

High Performance Domes

Engineered to closely match the angles of the sun during low-light periods to harvest more sunlight to transfer indoors, High Performance Domes offers uncompromising strength within a visually stunning design.

Thermally Efficient Units

If you are searching for forward-thinking daylighting products for the buildings of tomorrow, our high energy efficient units serve as an ideal solution for many applications.

Traditional Domes

A reliable dome skylight, fully assembled with performance weather seals to prevent leaks while providing naturally daylight. For added safety, Traditional Domes are available with hurricane-resistant glazings.

Continuous Vaults

Continuous Vaults are double-pitch structures that offer virtually unlimited design possibilities for a fully customized configuration.

Circular Domes

Curb-mounted circular domes feature structural engineering that increases thermal performance.

Tandem Units

These products allow for dramatic applications over large enclosures, utilizing site-built structural grid supports on flat roof applications.

Smoke Vents

Our innovative safety solutions are engineered to perform perfectly when needed most.


Add convenience and safety by including our supplemental products in your skylight configuration.

Dome Skylight Gallery

Glass Unit Skylights

Acrylic skylights generally utilize older design technology than newer, more thermally efficient glass skylights. By nature, glass skylights are much more effective thermal insulators than their acrylic counterparts. Today, most glass skylights are made with argon gas sealed in between the panes, giving these skylights a significantly more efficient properties for thermal insulation. In addition, the general design properties of glass skylights also enable them to be better noise insulators compared to acrylic models. In fact, they may be able to reduce outside noise penetration by up to 50% over other models.

Curb Mount Skylights

Available in sizes up to 27 square feet, these glass skylights feature a maintenance-free frame and can be installed in any direction.

Large Span Skylights

Maximize daylight with custom sizes up to 35 square feet. SkyMax’s unique construction boosts daylight without sacrificing thermal performance or structural support.

Glass Skylight Gallery

Structural Skylights

The VELUX structural skylights offered by Southwest Skylights include many options in various design styles. The aesthetic appeal of these systems are synonymous with highly distinctive, attractive designs. These units flood the space with light and accentuate stairways, corridors, and other common areas to create warmth within commercial, business and institutional buildings. Designed for easy installation and long-lasting good looks, VELUX Commercial’s structural skylight structures are available with a broad range of quality glass glazing options and versatile design possibilities for a fully customized configuration.

Modular Series

These innovative, prefabricated modular skylights offer 6 different configurations with no on-site assembly, making installation three-times faster.

Custom Structural Series

The Custom Structural Series offers design flexibility and on-site assembly for an incredibly custom and fully self-supporting skylight system.

Semi-Custom Structural Series

The Semi-Custom Structural Series is designed to be easily installed into site-built curbs and comes in three standard pitches.

Advanced Glazing Technologies

Harness all the positive benefits of natural daylight without any of the undesirable effects. Learn how our glazing technologies make skylights more durable.

Translucent Daylight Series

Reduce labor and material costs in new construction, retrofit or renovation projects with this dry-glazed polycarbonate panel system, for limitless design and configuration possibilities.

Low Profile

For a crisp, narrow roofline, Low Profile Skylights sit closer to a building’s roof surface, offering both a stylistic and utilitarian benefit.

Structural Skylight Gallery

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Skylight Products By Room

You already know that skylights can completely change the feel of a room. They let in more natural light, and make a room feel more open. Sometimes it’s helpful to see some examples of skylights in different rooms to help you find the inspiration you need for your particular project. There are so many ways to enjoy skylights in each room of your home, we have put together some ideas for you to see by clicking on an image below.

Living Room Skylights

Kitchen Skylights

Bathroom Skylights

Bedroom Skylights

Small Space Skylights

Home Office Skylights


Would it surprise you to know that the Sun provides everyone with more energy in a single hour than the entire world uses in a year? So, doesn’t it make sense use more Solar? If you’re already considering having Southwest Skylights install skylights into your home, it makes perfect sense to Go Solar and save even more on your home’s energy efficiency and in your pocket.

The Go Solar Initiative was designed by VELUX to bundle our products that reduce energy consumption and actively fine-tune your home’s climate in order to bring you more savings when you take a step in a greener direction.

When you Go Solar by purchasing a solar-powered skylight or adding solar shades to a fixed or manual skylight, your entire purchase and installation become a solar system that’s eligible for a 26% federal tax credit. And by exchanging artificial light for natural light and, in some cases, HVAC for fresh air, you’re well on your way to reducing your dependency on electricity.

Taking part in the Go Solar Initiative is a way to improve your household’s energy efficiency, create a bright, spacious atmosphere, and save money all at once! So, isn’t time you Go Solar?

Same Great Skylights. Way More Savings.

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Skylight FAQ's

You already know that skylights can completely change the feel of a room. They let in more natural light, and make a room feel more open. Sometimes it’s helpful to see some examples of skylights in different rooms to help you find the inspiration you need for your particular project. There are so many ways to enjoy skylights in each room of your home, we have put together some ideas for you to see by clicking on an image below.

Yes, VELUX skylights installed by Southwest Skylights are safe! We offer laminated glass for any skylight out-of-reach; installed above 8 feet. This lamination acts as a safety measure to prevent glass from falling into the home if the pane were to break.

Yes, our skylights are designed to have a stylish blind fitted to them. We offer three types of blinds: blackout, light filtering, and venetian. Each style of blind comes with its own unique selection of color and patterns for you to choose from.

Yes! It’s a common yet incorrect assumption that a flat ceiling means there’s no opportunity to add a skylight for daylight and fresh air. Check out our short video to see how a simple skylight light shaft can dramatically change your indoor environment:

Absolutely! VELUX skylights can be installed to replace existing skylights, whether or not your original skylight is a VELUX model. In many cases, your skylight can be replaced in just a few hours! You can contact a VELUX installer in your area to discuss your replacement options.

Sometimes we hesitate to open our windows because fresh air isn’t the only thing that can get in through them. For this reason, all of VELUX’s ventilating units come with an insect screen so you can bring fresh air in while keeping unwanted visitors out. The professionals at Southwest Skylights will make sure it is installed properly.

VELUX guarantees the battery for 5 years, but life expectancy for it is 10-12 years. You can replace the battery by ordering a new operator, which is also covered by our VELUX warranty for 5 full years.

Why Choose Skylights


If you’re thinking about getting skylights installed, here’s a few of the great benefits to consider. Skylights can really transform your living space and brighten your home. Many new houses that are built today incorporate skylights, but some people only see them as an aesthetic addition to your home. In reality, there are some amazing hidden benefits that skylights provide besides making your house it look nicer. The placement of skylights not only boosts natural lighting, it also promotes your family’s privacy. They can also reduce utility costs, improve indoor air quality, improve aesthetics, and raise your home’s overall property value. Click on any of the sections below for more ways skylights can benefit your home.


Raise Home Values

Professionally installed skylights often help boost the overall property value of your family's home.

More and more people are seeing all of the things that skylights can do and are adding them to their homes. Even if you think you may move in a few years, you can still benefit from installing skylights. The investment you have made into your home will then carry on when you’re ready to sell. Skylights may even help you increase the life of your roof, which is a huge way to maintain your home’s value. The added ventilation helps reduce the strain of ice or snow buildup, which in turn lengthens the life of your roof.

Skylights really help boost curb appeal too. When it comes time to sell your home, it pays to remember that many buyers aren’t looking for a project. They will be more likely to put an offer on your house that’s close to your asking price if you have this amenity already installed.

There are plenty of different types of skylights available from Southwest Skylights. The main thing is making sure that you know what your options are. Call or email us today and let us schedule a free consultation.


Promote Privacy

Windows as your only source of natural light sacrifices you and your family’s privacy.


When your windows are open, anyone is able to look inside your home, even if you have very high-quality window treatments. While your neighborhood may not have a peeping Tom, open windows can make you feel like you are sharing an apartment with your neighbors rather than living in separate houses. This is especially true when you’re in more personal areas like your bedroom or bathroom. Privacy here is essential to your routine. The addition of skylights allows you to be able to enjoy the natural lighting without having to worry about others seeing you.

Increased privacy is increased on upstairs rooms since skylights are installed on the roof. However, some homes only have a second floor over a portion of their house. In these instances, you’ll be able to take advantage of skylights on every floor of your house. If you have a single-story home, skylights will give you privacy from your kitchen to bedroom and beyond.


Improve Aesthetics

Skylights give your home an open, natural look and feel that's hard to replicate with anything else.

Added natural light will help open up even the smallest rooms in your house and will make you feel like your living in higher standards. Skylights also help make ceilings feel higher, which creates the illusion of larger, more open spaces. Even though a skylight doesn’t really increase the square footage of your home, you may feel like it does. And let’s not forget the beautiful views of the sky you’ll get both day and nighttime, which can foster a peaceful feeling that makes you feel at home.

The natural light from skylights have also been known to enhance your current interior design and décor. The natural light works to highlight the colors in your home and make things stand out more. It’s a great way to highlight your home’s best features.


Save Money

When you install skylights in your home, you can really enjoy the long-term savings for years to come.

Some people inadvertently think that skylights will make utility costs higher, due to a need to use air conditioner more frequently. However, they actually save you money. VELUX products are installed with a film to reduce the transfer of heat into your home during the hot Texas summers, but still let in natural light. This means you can use less electricity each day to keep your home well-lit. Naturally, the fewer times you have to turn on the lights, the lower your electricity costs are. It also helps you reduce your impact on the environment and lower your carbon footprint.

Additionally, skylights also help save you money is by improving the ventilation throughout your home. Talk to Southwest Skylights today so we can go over all your options for “fixed” or “fresh air” skylights. Opening up your skylights will improve your home’s natural air flow, which can help reduce the need for your air conditioner during some months. This is because of passive cooling and the chimney effect.

Passive cooling happens when there are natural temperature differences in the air alongside changing pressures. Because hot air tends to rise and cool air stays low, opening your skylights will allow the cooler air accumulation in your home to essentially push the hottest air out of your home. Best of all, this is an ongoing process. It occurs without the use of any external moving parts. Skylights will drastically improve your home’s ability to use passive cooling.


Increase Natural Lighting

Skylights allow you to drastically increase the amount of natural light that enters any room.

This is one of the most popular features for adding skylights. They allow light to come in to your home all day, which reduces the amount of indoor lighting, (and electricity) you’ll need. Natural light is very beneficial for your mood, productivity level, and overall wellbeing. It’s a great way to energize your day and feel your best. It's like spending the day outside when you're inside.

Some people think that windows achieve the same results, it’s just not correct. Since windows are installed on the siding of your home, many will not receive enough light to illuminate some rooms. Plus, when you use windows to add natural lighting, you’ll sacrifice privacy.


Improve Air Quality

When you select skylights that can open, it helps to improve the overall indoor air quality of your home.

With the passive cooling ventilation discussed previously, you’ll be able to breathe more fresh air and less stale, circulated air. Even when you are stuck inside, you’ll still be able to enjoy fresh air. This is more important than ever with viruses forcing many people to stay inside or confine themselves to their homes.

Skylights can also have some safety benefits. If, for whatever reason, you have smoke inside your home, you can open your skylights to get the smoke out. This could be from a small kitchen catastrophe or a larger incident, but skylights can help keep your home ventilated.

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We couldn't be happier with the brighter light that we now have in our kitchen. The fact that it's a quality energy efficient skylight makes it all the better. Chris did the install. So far no problems...
Recommending Southwest Skylights for service and sales! Mitchell Cole, the owner is clearly well experienced and could not have been nicer in helping save my skylight from a roofing mishap. Please...
These guys have been very helpful in
supporting multiple skylights in our
old house over the years.

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