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Commercial Skylights In DFW

Add light to your DFW area commercial property with Southwest Skylights. We offer an extensive range of skylighting and daylighting options for business applications. We install commercial skylights for flat roofs and vaulted commercial skylights. Southwest Skylights are always available to answer any questions you might have about our products or services. Learn more and get in touch with us today to get your free estimate for service.

Commercial Skylights Reduce Energy Usage & Improve Aesthetics Of Your Office

Skylights are the most cost-effective option to improve the lighting in your business space. By utilizing the natural light from skylights you can significantly reduce typical energy consumption costs. With proper design, the cost of skylights can usually be paid back within a few years from the savings in energy costs. Skylights that provide natural daylight and ventilation are by nature a good element for a sustainable design, and better employee morale. 

Southwest Skylights welcomes the opportunity to assist contractors, property managers, interior designers and building owners with new skylight installations or upgrades & repairs of existing skylight structures.

Commercial Products From Southwest Skylights

In conjunction with our association with VELUX, Southwest Skylights has the perfect solution for any commercial building. All of our daylighting and skylight products are highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing. They are perfect for any commercial application in the Dallas area. Built entirely from premium sourced, high-grade materials, these products are designed and built to withstand the harshest climates.

Commercial Skylights

Skylights and daylighting systems provide benefits that no other light source can offer to commercial buildings. Southwest Skylight’s expanded line of VELUX products allow you to provide better distribution of light to a building’s core while minimizing glare and enhancing architectural design. And with economic and energy efficient design options, you’re sure to find the perfect commercial daylighting system for any project.

Commercial Sun Tunnels

VELUX Commercial Sun Tunnel Skylights are a great choice anywhere there is a need for natural light. Sun Tunnel Skylights provide a maintenance free lighting solution that quickly transforms spaces. Our Commercial Sun Tunnel can be installed in both open
and closed ceiling applications and provide an economical means to bring daylight into any interior space. Call Southwest Skylights today and let us help you get started on your commercial project.

Commercial Fall Protection

For commercial building operators, skylights can pose an inherent risk of injury or death from fall-throughs. And because Southwest Skylights recognizes the importance of safety, we install additional safety protection including exterior or interior safety cages for added security. Let Southwest Skylights help you reinforce your safety measures by adding commercial fall protection into your new or existing skylight building project. Call or email us today.

Why Choose commercial Skylights


Southwest Skylights knows that commercial skylights make for superior lighting options and add an incredible aesthetic appeal to any building. In addition, you should be aware that skylights can offer so much more! For over three decades, Southwest Skylights has been helping Dallas area commercial building managers add cost-effective solutions for their skylight and daylighting needs. Let us help you reshape the way you and your employees work with new skylight installations.


Lower Utility Costs

Professionally installed skylights often help boost the overall property value of your commercial building.

It is true that on average, artificial lighting can account for 40% of the building’s total energy consumption.

Adding skylights to your workplace can significantly reduce lighting energy costs from 50% to 80%, depending on several factors. With the cost of energy rising, adding skylights to utilize our source of unlimited natural light drastically reduces your energy bill.



Help your associates and customers achieve a better sense of well-being and more productivity.

It's common sense that when employees feel better, they are more productive. That's why adding commercial skylights to your office space can increase work output and productivity. And there can be a positive impact on health, too since more sunlight helps prevent vitamin D deficiency. Sunlight cascading into your workplace will act as a natural mood enhancer and allow protection from seasonal mood changes.


Improve Aesthetics

Skylights give your building an open, natural look and feel that's hard to replicate with anything else.

Added natural light will help open up even the smallest spaces in your building enliven all interior rooms with natural light. Skylights also help make ceilings feel higher, which creates the illusion of larger, more open work spaces. Even though a skylight doesn’t really increase the square footage of your office, you may feel like it does. 

The natural light from skylights have also been known to enhance your current interior design and décor. Natural light works to highlight the colors in your building and make things stand out more. It’s a great way to highlight your building's best features.


Reduce Stress

The addition of more natural light into the workplace helps in many ways, including lowering stress.

There have been recent medical research studies that point out that prolonged exposure to artificial light can increase physical stress and lead to the buildup of elevated levels of cortisol in the blood. Cortisol levels that are too high have been linked to premature aging, fatigue, weakness in the muscles, bone loss, and a variety of emotional and cognitive issues. Ensuring that your employees receive plenty of natural light can help to improve their general health now and in the future.


Reduce Carbon Footprint

Skylights allow you to drastically reduce energy usage while increasing natural light.

We all have a need to be as energy efficient as possible. Since solar energy is an unlimited resource, why not take advantage of the use of natural light in the workplace and go a little bit greener? Commercial skylights help all of us decrease the earth’s emissions and the need for artificial lighting. You can make a difference one skylight at a time.


Improve Value

The addition of energy efficient skylights can help boost your building's value almost immediately.

It's true that the addition of skylights to your building can quickly boost its value. If your plans include considering selling the building in a few years, invest in skylights to make the space more attractive to potential buyers. New potential buyers will enjoy the openness that skylights bring to the space. If your office is relatively small, adding just one skylight can make the space appear substantially bigger. Space and light are the first things potential buyers notice when touring commercial buildings.

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We couldn't be happier with the brighter light that we now have in our kitchen. The fact that it's a quality energy efficient skylight makes it all the better. Chris did the install. So far no problems...
Recommending Southwest Skylights for service and sales! Mitchell Cole, the owner is clearly well experienced and could not have been nicer in helping save my skylight from a roofing mishap. Please...
These guys have been very helpful in
supporting multiple skylights in our
old house over the years.

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