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Commercial Sun Tunnels

Southwest Skylights is proud to bring you cost-effective daylighting solutions with the Velux commercial SUN TUNNEL™. These units are a great, economical way to bring more natural light into your work space, whether it is a commercial building, warehouse or office. Call us today and find out how more natural daylight from the SUN TUNNEL™ skylight can help improve productivity while reducing utility costs. The degree of interior space illuminated by the Velux Sun Tunnel will depend on multiple factors including tubing length, sun orientation and other factors. However, a good starting estimation is that each Sun Tunnel can adequately light up to 150 – 400 square feet.

Sun Tunnel Skylight

Bring natural daylight to any space with the the VELUX Commercial Sun Tunnel. Compact and capable of channeling 99% of the sun’s rays, these highly reflective tubular skylights offer reduced building energy loads while providing easy daylighting installations for suspended, hard and open ceiling structures.

Cost-Effective Daylighting installed Fast

Most common applications:

  • Flat or low-slope roofs
  • Suspended, hard or even open ceiling
  • Schools, retail spaces, and warehouses that require a cost-effective daylight solution

Key benefits:

  • Maintenance-free and cost-effective
  • Highly reflective surface that is greater than 98% total reflectivity
  • Flexi Loc™—the only advanced tunnel connection system that cuts tunnel installation time in half—is designed to piece your elbows, tunnel sections, and other rigid tunnel components together quicker than conventional screws.
  • 20 year reflective warranty for Rigid Tunnels

Sun Tunnel Gallery

Why Choose Sun tunnels


If you’re thinking about getting skylights installed, here’s a few of the great benefits to consider. Sun Tunnels can really transform your workplace and brighten your surroundings. Many new buildings that are built today incorporate skylights, but some people only see them as an aesthetic addition to your office. In reality, there are some amazing hidden benefits that Sun Tunnels provide besides making your building look nicer. The placement of skylights not only boosts natural lighting, it also promotes your company’s privacy. They can also reduce utility costs, improve aesthetics, and raise your overall property value. Click on any of the sections below for more ways skylights can benefit your commercial application.


Raise Property Values

Professionally installed skylights often help boost the overall property value of your business.

More and more companies are seeing all of the things that Sun Tunnels can do and are adding them to their buildings. Even if you think you may move in a few years, you can still benefit from installing Sun Tunnels. The investment you have made into your infrastructure will then carry on when you’re ready to sell. Sun Tunnels may even help you increase the life of your roof, which is a huge way to maintain your property's value. 

Sun Tunnels really help boost aesthetic appeal too. When it comes time to sell or lease your space, it pays to remember that many tenants aren’t looking for a project. They will be more likely to put an offer on a building that’s close to your asking price if you have this amenity already installed.

There are plenty of different types of Sun Tunnel configurations available from Southwest Skylights. The main thing is making sure that you know what your options are. Call or email us today and let us schedule a free consultation.


Versatile Placement

Sun tunnels can bring natural light into rooms or areas that would be impossible to reach with a normal skylight.

Since sun tunnels have a tube shape, instead of a rectangle, they can bring a splash of natural light into rooms or areas that would be hard or impossible to reach with a normal skylight. When other skylights are not practical, sun tunnels can be the perfect solution. This means if you want to illuminate a small area with natural light, you can do it with sun tunnels.

Sun tunnels come in two model types – flexible and rigid. Rigid sun tunnels work great for a straight roof-to-room application or installations where there are no obstructions. Flexible sun tunnels allow you to work a tunnel around any obstructions and still get light where you need it. The polished, reflective interior of the tubes ensures the light stays bright and reaches the areas it’s supposed to.


Improve Aesthetics

Sun Tunnels give your space an open, natural look and feel that's hard to replicate with anything else.

Added natural light will help open up even the smallest rooms in your office and will make you feel like your living in higher standards. Sun Tunnels also help make ceilings feel higher, which creates the illusion of larger, more open spaces. Even though a skylight doesn’t really increase the square footage of your office, you may feel like it does. 

The natural light from Sun Tunnels have also been known to enhance your current interior design and décor. The natural light works to highlight the colors in your building and make things stand out more. It’s a great way to highlight your building's best features.


Save Money

When you install skylights in your home, you can really enjoy the long-term savings for years to come.

Some people inadvertently think that skylights will make utility costs higher, due to a need to use air conditioner more frequently. However, they actually save you money. VELUX products are installed with a film to reduce the transfer of heat into your home during the hot Texas summers, but still let in natural light. This means you can use less electricity each day to keep your home well-lit. Naturally, the fewer times you have to turn on the lights, the lower your electricity costs are. It also helps you reduce your impact on the environment and lower your carbon footprint.

Additionally, skylights also help save you money is by improving the ventilation throughout your home. Talk to Southwest Skylights today so we can go over all your options for “fixed” or “fresh air” skylights. Opening up your skylights will improve your home’s natural air flow, which can help reduce the need for your air conditioner during some months. This is because of passive cooling and the chimney effect.

Passive cooling happens when there are natural temperature differences in the air alongside changing pressures. Because hot air tends to rise and cool air stays low, opening your skylights will allow the cooler air accumulation in your home to essentially push the hottest air out of your home. Best of all, this is an ongoing process. It occurs without the use of any external moving parts. Skylights will drastically improve your home’s ability to use passive cooling.


Increase Natural Lighting

Sun Tunnels allow you to drastically increase the amount of natural light that enters any room.

This is one of the most popular features for adding Sun Tunnels. They allow light to come in to your space all day, which reduces the amount of indoor lighting, (and electricity) you’ll need. Natural light is very beneficial for your mood, productivity level, and overall wellbeing. It’s a great way to energize your day and feel your best. It's like spending the day outside when you're inside.

Some people think that windows achieve the same results, it’s just not correct. Since windows are installed on the siding of your building, many will not receive enough light to illuminate some rooms. Plus, when you use windows to add natural lighting, you’ll sacrifice privacy.


Smaller Footprint

Sun Tunnels are easier to install since their footprint is small. This means they can fit where others won't.

In fact, Sun Tunnels are a little easier than other skylights to install. Since they’re smaller than window-type skylights and, due to their tube shape, they don’t need as much space to be installed. Because they don’t open for ventilation, it’s not necessary for them to have as much space as a skylight does. This minimizes the amount of space they take up on your roof.

Sun tunnels, also referred to as sun tubes or tubular skylights, are popular for “green” building projects due to their smaller footprint. Installation does get a little more complicated and more expensive when you are traveling through multiple floors. However, Southwest Skylights can easily help you through it.

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