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Skylights Bring The Sun Inside

Skylights that are available today from Southwest Skylights are Energy Efficient while still providing lots of healthy natural light. We offer a complete line of VELUX products and accessories for any skylight solution.  Serving DFW since 1984, our experienced team is ready to help you add natural light and better ventilation to your home. Being healthy in your home is important. Contact Southwest Skylights today to schedule a free consultation.

Residential Skylights Show Your Home
In A Whole New Natural Light!

There are so many reasons people choose skylights from Southwest Skylights; from the aesthetic appeal to the additional natural light they allow to pour into your space from above. In fact, Skylights can bring up to 30 percent more natural light than vertical windows. There are many different options for varying budgets, lifestyle needs, and aesthetic preferences. Our VELUX offerings include roof windows, ventilating skylights that open & close, fixed skylights, as well as Sun Tunnels (tubular skylights). Skylights can make any room in your home look larger, and can even increase it’s value. So get to know all the different types of skylights available below and call Southwest Skylights today for free consultation.

Residential Products From Southwest Skylights


Let the light shine in by installing VELUX skylights from Southwest Skylights. Explore the many different types, styles, and features of skylights to find the perfect one.

Roof Windows

Roof windows from VELUX are a great solution for many homes. They illuminate interiors, ventilate loft spaces and provide amazing views to the outside. 

Sun Tunnels

Sun Tunnels, allow outside daylight into your home. They don’t give you a sky view, but they do provide a cost effective way to illuminate dark interior spaces.

Why Choose Skylights


If you’re thinking about getting skylights installed, here’s a few of the great benefits to consider. Skylights can really transform your living space and brighten your home. Many new houses that are built today incorporate skylights, but some people only see them as an aesthetic addition to your home. In reality, there are some amazing hidden benefits that skylights provide besides making your house it look nicer. The placement of skylights not only boosts natural lighting, it also promotes your family’s privacy. They can also reduce utility costs, improve indoor air quality, improve aesthetics, and raise your home’s overall property value. Click on any of the sections below for more ways skylights can benefit your home.


Raise Home Values

Professionally installed skylights often help boost the overall property value of your family's home.

More and more people are seeing all of the things that skylights can do and are adding them to their homes. Even if you think you may move in a few years, you can still benefit from installing skylights. The investment you have made into your home will then carry on when you’re ready to sell. Skylights may even help you increase the life of your roof, which is a huge way to maintain your home’s value. The added ventilation helps reduce the strain of ice or snow buildup, which in turn lengthens the life of your roof.

Skylights really help boost curb appeal too. When it comes time to sell your home, it pays to remember that many buyers aren’t looking for a project. They will be more likely to put an offer on your house that’s close to your asking price if you have this amenity already installed.

There are plenty of different types of skylights available from Southwest Skylights. The main thing is making sure that you know what your options are. Call or email us today and let us schedule a free consultation.


Promote Privacy

Windows as your only source of natural light sacrifices you and your family’s privacy.


When your windows are open, anyone is able to look inside your home, even if you have very high-quality window treatments. While your neighborhood may not have a peeping Tom, open windows can make you feel like you are sharing an apartment with your neighbors rather than living in separate houses. This is especially true when you’re in more personal areas like your bedroom or bathroom. Privacy here is essential to your routine. The addition of skylights allows you to be able to enjoy the natural lighting without having to worry about others seeing you.

Increased privacy is increased on upstairs rooms since skylights are installed on the roof. However, some homes only have a second floor over a portion of their house. In these instances, you’ll be able to take advantage of skylights on every floor of your house. If you have a single-story home, skylights will give you privacy from your kitchen to bedroom and beyond.


Improve Aesthetics

Skylights give your home an open, natural look and feel that's hard to replicate with anything else.

Added natural light will help open up even the smallest rooms in your house and will make you feel like your living in higher standards. Skylights also help make ceilings feel higher, which creates the illusion of larger, more open spaces. Even though a skylight doesn’t really increase the square footage of your home, you may feel like it does. And let’s not forget the beautiful views of the sky you’ll get both day and nighttime, which can foster a peaceful feeling that makes you feel at home.

The natural light from skylights have also been known to enhance your current interior design and décor. The natural light works to highlight the colors in your home and make things stand out more. It’s a great way to highlight your home’s best features.


Save Money

When you install skylights in your home, you can really enjoy the long-term savings for years to come.

Some people inadvertently think that skylights will make utility costs higher, due to a need to use air conditioner more frequently. However, they actually save you money. VELUX products are installed with a film to reduce the transfer of heat into your home during the hot Texas summers, but still let in natural light. This means you can use less electricity each day to keep your home well-lit. Naturally, the fewer times you have to turn on the lights, the lower your electricity costs are. It also helps you reduce your impact on the environment and lower your carbon footprint.

Additionally, skylights also help save you money is by improving the ventilation throughout your home. Talk to Southwest Skylights today so we can go over all your options for “fixed” or “fresh air” skylights. Opening up your skylights will improve your home’s natural air flow, which can help reduce the need for your air conditioner during some months. This is because of passive cooling and the chimney effect.

Passive cooling happens when there are natural temperature differences in the air alongside changing pressures. Because hot air tends to rise and cool air stays low, opening your skylights will allow the cooler air accumulation in your home to essentially push the hottest air out of your home. Best of all, this is an ongoing process. It occurs without the use of any external moving parts. Skylights will drastically improve your home’s ability to use passive cooling.


Increase Natural Lighting

Skylights allow you to drastically increase the amount of natural light that enters any room.

This is one of the most popular features for adding skylights. They allow light to come in to your home all day, which reduces the amount of indoor lighting, (and electricity) you’ll need. Natural light is very beneficial for your mood, productivity level, and overall wellbeing. It’s a great way to energize your day and feel your best. It's like spending the day outside when you're inside.

Some people think that windows achieve the same results, it’s just not correct. Since windows are installed on the siding of your home, many will not receive enough light to illuminate some rooms. Plus, when you use windows to add natural lighting, you’ll sacrifice privacy.


Improve Air Quality

When you select skylights that can open, it helps to improve the overall indoor air quality of your home.

With the passive cooling ventilation discussed previously, you’ll be able to breathe more fresh air and less stale, circulated air. Even when you are stuck inside, you’ll still be able to enjoy fresh air. This is more important than ever with viruses forcing many people to stay inside or confine themselves to their homes.

Skylights can also have some safety benefits. If, for whatever reason, you have smoke inside your home, you can open your skylights to get the smoke out. This could be from a small kitchen catastrophe or a larger incident, but skylights can help keep your home ventilated.

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We couldn't be happier with the brighter light that we now have in our kitchen. The fact that it's a quality energy efficient skylight makes it all the better. Chris did the install. So far no problems...
Recommending Southwest Skylights for service and sales! Mitchell Cole, the owner is clearly well experienced and could not have been nicer in helping save my skylight from a roofing mishap. Please...
These guys have been very helpful in
supporting multiple skylights in our
old house over the years.

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